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Welcome to the first of our series of blogs here at Time Architects.

Having amassed several years of working with clients on projects, ranging from small scale residential extensions and conversions, right through to large, grand scale, heritage projects, we know how daunting this process can be for clients. Especially those that have no prior experience of construction works. We have therefore decided to offer as much insight as we can as to the whole process of Architectural design and construction from conception to completion that we would take a client through.

Over the course of a few blogs, we will look to provide as much knowledge as we can to inform prospective clients as to what to expect from a design project. We will look to focus mainly on smaller scale residential works as these can be broken down into small, usable guides and are generally undertaken by our most inexperienced clients. Throughout the following posts we will look to cover a number of subjects including:

  • The different methods by which you can add more space to your home
  • What to expect from the initial contact with your Architect and how to form a project brief
  • An Architects quotation and what should be included
  • A typical residential extension or conversion project stages, and expected timescales
  • The Planning process and Permitted Development Rights
  • What are the Building Regulations and what is required to achieve them
  • Sustainability and what you can do to ‘Green Your Home’
  • Smart Homes and the advantages of modern technology
  • The Party Wall Act and how it affects you
  • Why drainage can be key to works to your home
  • Kitchens, Bedrooms, Bathrooms and Entertainment Spaces
  • Different construction methods available
  • Finding a good builder
  • Living through a build
  • What to expect from the construction process
  • Examples of typical projects

Hopefully these posts will serve as useful guides to help both before and during a project. Further information can be found on our website at www.timearchitects.co.uk or our social media pages.

We are always willing to spend time with clients at any stage of the project whether that be prior to engagement or throughout the design and construction process. We are firm believers that an informed and engaged client allows for a smoother and more successful and rewarding project. We are also keen to gauge the thoughts of clients once works have completed to enable us to learn as we progress. This enables us to constantly evolve and improve our whole approach to design to ensure we are always focused on the client, their needs, and ensuring the end-product not only meets, but where possible exceeds their expectations.